Directions for thyroid patients on medication:

Medicines should always be taken empty stomach. Anything like tea, coffee, milk, buttermilk should NOT be consumed until half-an-hour. If you miss your scheduled medication, it can be taken later at other time of the day also but eating anything else should be avoided for a period of 1 hour, both before and after medication.

If missed the previous day, 2 pills/tablets must be taken. If medications are missed for 2 consecutive days, then 3 pills/tablets can be taken. Do NOT touch tablet with wet hands and should be kept away from direct sunlight. Medications of the same company should be preferred.

Often people commit mistakes like having tea after medicine, or leaving medicine at a place which may face direct sunlight at some part of the day, if not at that moment. This should be taken care of.

Often people take medicine right after brushing teeth but fail to dry their wet hands before touching medicine. This should also be taken care of.

Pregnant women should increase their doses by a quarter, i.e., new dose should be 1.25 times as that under normal conditions.

Usually, if under thyroid medications, thyroid tests should be conducted every three months or more frequently. Thyroid should be taken well care of under pregnancy. Failing this may lead to mentally retardation in child. So it is important for pregnant women to get thyroid tested every month. And unless completely fit and advised by the doctor, medications should continue as prescribed.